- What does it cost to participate in the USENEXT partner program?

Nothing! Both registration and participation are free and non-binding.


- How much can I earn?

There is no upper limit to your commissions. Omniga pays according to two different models: CPL (cost per lead) or CPO commission (cost per order). With the CPL remuneration you receive a lump sum per registration of a user for the free test phase of the respective product or service: regardless of whether the user actually wants to enter into a contract after the test period or not. With CPO commission you receive a percentage of the turnover of every brokered contract. You can find out more about the individual models in the respective program conditions. The selection of the advertised target group of course is key for the success of your campaigns.


Commission example:

50.00% CPO, or

€ 10.00 CPL


- Can I use multiple banners and links on my pages?

Yes, as many as you want.


- Can I also use other sponsors on my side?

Yes, as many as you want.


- Are all sales generated through my link counted?

Yes, even if the customer does not make a purchase immediately. The cookie set by clicking on the link is valid for 45 days. A purchase made later can therefore still clearly be assigned to your partner ID up to 45 days after clicking on our advertising material.


- When and how often is the commission paid?

You will receive a commission payment as soon as the commission earned by the accounting day is at least 20 €. Unpaid commissions will be credited to the next month. You always receive your commissions at the beginning of the month, between the first and fifth of each month. This payout date applies to all commission models: CPL (cost per lead) and CPO (cost per order) commissions.

In the case of CPL commissions, the performance period is always the previous month: For example, you will receive your commissions for September at the beginning of October. In the case of CPO commissions, on the other hand, the performance period is delayed by one month: For example, you will receive your commissions for September at the beginning of November and October will be billed at the beginning of December, etc. On the day of payment, you will receive your commission credit as a PDF file by email. You can also view and print out your credits in the partner area under "Account".


- What other requirements do you have for this program?

All rules and regulations can be found in our terms and conditions as well as in our advertising guidelines.


- What if a question of mine isn't mentioned here?

Simply write us your question by email to partner@omniga.de.